ORCIA D.O.C. 2015 (0,75 l)
ORCIA D.O.C. 2015 (0,75 l)

ORCIA D.O.C. 2015 (0,75 l)

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Harvest: 2015

Denomination: Orcia D.O.C.

Alcohol content: 14.0%

Total acidity: 5.0 g / l

Vines: Sangiovese

Name of the Vineyards: Vineyard of the Palace

Nature of Grounds: silty-clayey, deep, poor ground, with very slight slopes.

Altitude: 400 m s.l.m.

Breeding System: Spurred Cordon.

Density of Implantation: 4.000 - 4.100 vines / ha.

Production: 1.70 kg / strain


in vitrified cement tanks, with the use of selected yeasts, at a controlled temperature

Aging: maturation of at least one year in vitrified cement tanks.

Bottles Produced: 5.300

Description of the wine: accurate selection of the grapes and a carefully studied refinement produce an intense and deep red wine that surprises for the integrity of its fruity aromas which seem to spring from the freshly pressed grapes. In the mouth the softness of the tannins and the seductive acidity celebrate the youth and freshness of this wine that can satisfy even the less expert palates. A wine for everyone, but not trivial.