ROSSO TOSCANA IGT 2014  (0,75 L)
ROSSO TOSCANA IGT 2014  (0,75 L)

RED TUSCAN IGT 2014 (0,75 L)

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Harvest: 2014

Denomination: Rosso Toscana I.g.t.

Alcohol content: 14.0%

Total acidity: 5.5 g / l

Wines: Sangiovese

Name of the Vineyards: Vineyard of the Palace.

Nature of Grounds: silty-clayey, deep and with very slight slopes.

Altitude: 400 m s.l.m .

Breeding System: Spurred Cordon.

Density of Implantation: 4.000 - 4.100 vines / ha.

Production: 1.5 kg / strain.

Fermentation: in vitrified cement tanks, with the use of selected yeasts, at a controlled temperature.

Aging: maturation of one year in French oak barrels.

Bottles Produced: 2,700

Description of the wine: this wine tells of a vintage complicated by the weather conditions of a rainy summer, but also tells of our careful work that has kept on the plant only the perfectly healthy and ripe bunches, and eliminated all the others.

The result is this wine with an intense garnet color, with clean aromas of tobacco, vanilla and spices; on the palate it’s warm, soft, balanced and of extraordinary pleasantness.

The demonstration that the work of man is able to give excellent wines even in difficult years.