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The position of Palazzo Massaini, immersed in the flourishing vegetation of Tuscan’s countryside, has allowed us to grow some of the healthiest and most valuable products in the gastronomic world.

The large area of ​​13 hectares of vineyards extends into the green and uncontaminated areas of Palazzo Massaini where varieties of native vineyards reign supreme to preserve the uniqueness of the territory.

Each wine is characterized by unique aromas, complex features and a carefully studied selection of olfactory and gustatory notes, which together generate harmonious and well-structured flavors.

The olive trees of the estate cover over 15 hectares of countryside, here the trees are divided between frantoio, moraiolo, olivastra and leccino, which, expertly controlled, give life to the king of Mediterranean cuisine: extra virgin olive oil.

Letting yourself be carried away by the river of flavors, admiring Pienza at sunset is something so magical and difficult to explain that it would need “a pen from the past” to be properly understood.

Red Wines

Ruby red with intense notes

Cultivated for years, one of the vineyards that prefers the silty and clayey terroir of Palazzo is Sangiovese: the king among the vines and the most widespread native red vine of Tuscany.
Each of our bottles acquires a different flavor through a refined selection of particles with different soil and microclimate characteristics.

This is how labels with an authentic flavor are born and represent the quality of our territory.


White and rosé wines

Fresh and light on the palate

The green hills of Tuscany and the richness of biodiversity collect the best vines of the region for the production of whites and rosés that are fresh and pleasant to the palate.

A careful selection of Vermentino grapes for the white wine and Sangiovese for the rosé wine give life to bottles of great integrity and freshness, characterised by delicate colours and flavours.

An expression of a simple and young taste of Tuscany will inebriate your palates.


Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil

The green gold of Tuscany

The unmistakable elixir made of herbaceous scent and a bright green colour will inebriate the palate, taking the mind for a few seconds in distant times and places, from where it will be hard wanting to return.



Our happy ending

Strong and decisive flavors emerge from our spirits, fruit of our land and the Chianti area.

They will accompany you on a sensory voyage through taste and smell, giving you balanced and perfect hints for the after dinner.

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